About Us

The league is entered by individuals rather than clubs (although hopefully with the cooperation of the clubs).

The objectives of the league are as follows

  • To help create a camaraderie among the players from the area
  • To provide competitive rated games over the summer.

The aim is that each player will play approximately 6 games over the summer of 2012.  The league will be administered by the players for the players.  Players can play in their clubs, home etc. as suits them.  The league will be ICU rated.  Games will be slightly shorter than usual at 90 minutes per player per game.

For the summer of 2012, we will be running a pilot using the following format
  • Open to players
  • Participants must have the following -
    • An active email account
    • Access to send and receive text messages
    • Access to the internet
Refer to the Frequently Asked Questions for further details.