Frequently Asked Questions

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Q. Is this a competitor for the Leinster Chess League?

A. No. Think of the North Dublin Chess League as being similar to a weekend tournament except that is run throughout the summer rather than over a single weekend. It is aimed at individuals not at clubs.

Q. What is the format?

A. Round-Robin i.e. everyone plays everyone. Entries will be divided into sections of 6 to 8 people (approximately). You will play the other 6 players in your section.

Q. How will players be split into sections?

A. By rating i.e. highest rated players in section A etc. The controller may use his discretion to move a player to a higher/lower section if a particular section will contain more than 2 players from a single club. The January 2012 rating list will apply.

Q. Where will the games be played?

A. You are encouraged to play in your club on club nights. If this is not practical, you can agree an alternative venue.

Q. What will the time control be?

A. 1.5 hours for each player. Games will start at 7:30PM unless otherwise agreed.

Q. Will the matches be ICU rated?

A. Yes. The plan is to submit the results in time to make the September 2012 ratings list. Matches will not be FIDE rated.

Q. How will conflicts with Holidays, Club-championship matches etc. be managed?

A. The initial draw will schedule all matches. If a particular date does not suit, you should make contact with your opponent and agree a new date and then update the website with the new date. You will receive contact details for the other members of your pool.

Q.Who can play?

A. You must
  • Have an active email account
  • Have the ability to send and receive text messages
  • Have access to the internet
  • Provide the Board and Clock for home fixtures.
  • Be within the catchment area
  • Be registered with the ICU (prior to entering).

Q. Is it limited to players rated 1400-1800?

A. No. We used this approach for the inaugural year. For 2012, it is open to all players.

Q. What does "North Dublin" mean?

A. For 2012, North Dublin will be defined as the catchment areas of the clubs
  • Aer Lingus
  • Elm Mount
  • Finglas
  • Naomh Barrog
  • Malahide
  • Phibsboro
  • Portmanock.
See map

If you live outside of that area and would like to play, please let us know.

Q. When will the games be played?

A. Games will be scheduled during the summer of 2012 from May to August.

Q. What is the entry fee?

A. 15 Euro

Q. What are the prizes?

A. All entry fees received will be distributed as prizes to the top 3 in each group

Q. What is the closing date for entries?

A. Monday 30th April 2012.

Q. What if my opponent does not turn up?

A. This is intended to be a friendly league managed by the players themselves. Hopefully this problem won't happen. You are requested to send reminder e-mails to your opponent leading up to the game. In the event that a player fails to turn up, the game will be forfeit.

Q. What if I cannot play all my matches?

A. By entering the league, you are making a commitment to play your matches. In the event of that not being possible for some unforeseen reason, you should forfeit your remaining matches. Forfeited matches will not affect ratings but will affect the league table. Games not played by the final night will be scored 0-0.

Q. How will home advantage and colours be decided?

A. Home advantage and colours will be determined by a draw. The home player will play black. Where possible, each player will receive home advantage and the white pieces an equal number of times.

The final night is an exception to this. This will take place in a neutral venue. If the section has an odd number of games, the players will toss for colours on the night.

Q. Where and when will the prizes be presented?

A. The final round of matches will take place in a neutral venue (last year, it was Naomh Barrog chess club) during the last week of August 2012. The games will be followed by the prize giving. All deferred games must be played prior to the final night or the adjudicator will allocate a 0-0 result. If you cannot make the final night, you should arrange to play your game in advance of the night.

Q. My club closes for the summer or I am not a member of a chess club, can I still play?

A. Yes. You can nominate an alternative venue or choose to play all games at your opponent's venue.

Q. How will I submit my results?

A. By updating the league website.

Q. Who will adjudicate?

A. This is intended to be a friendly league. In the first instance, you will be requested to adjudicate your own disputes by referring to the rules. In the event that this proves impossible, a decision will be made by the controller.

Q. What rules apply?

A. FIDE and Leinster Chess Union.

Q. I have a provisional rating, can I play?

A. Yes. For the purposes of entry and dividing into sections, a provisional rating will be treated in the same way as a full rating. For the first year, we will not be catering for unrated players.

Q. I don't have a rating. Can I still play?

A. Yes, provided you are a member of the ICU. You should provide information which will allow the adjudicators to allocate you to an appropriate pool. e.g. estimated rating from the Secretary of your Chess Club, previous ratings, ratings held abroad, on-line ratings etc.

Q. I am a junior player. Can I play?

A. Yes.

Q. Why the shorter than normal time control?

A. Please refer to table 10 in this survey. This shows that the Leinster Chess League uses the second longest time control of those who use no intermediate time control. We felt that the shorter time control would add some variety. It will also give greater flexibility - those who work late can arrange an 8PM start while those who start work early can arrange for a 7:30 start with an earlier finish.

Q. Who is organising the league?

A. Justin Corry and Seán Nolan from Naomh Barróg chess club.

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